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The Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2021

Thinking about renovating your kitchen, but want to stay ahead of the curve? We’ve looked at all the burgeoning trends that are set to explode in 2021 and we’ve compiled them into a handy list.

Boiling Water Taps

The demand for instant boiling water taps went up significantly last year, leading us to believe that they may become an essential new feature for many households this year. With more people working flexibly from home, getting in that extra coffee between Zoom meetings has become a time conscious priority. So as the desire for convenient, safe and energy efficient hot water increases, it will undoubtedly leave coffee machines and kettles behind as dusty relics.

Handleless Design

The latest contemporary kitchen designs favour simple streamlined looks, achieved with the help of handleless cabinets and cupboards. With updated push-open and close technology your kitchen will look sleek yet functional.


Black and other dark colours are being seen on walls, cabinets and surfaces acting more than simply an accent colour. They can be combined with textured woods to create a rustic charm, or offset by lighter furniture and pops of colour. Evidently, black is now the new black.

Smarter Storage

2019 may have seen a decluttering trend, but as we spent more time than usual at home in 2020 we may have amassed more appliances and food items, making storage a much bigger priority. Utilising the space as effectively as possible is key, so whether you have the room for a full pantry or larder will undoubtedly provide the storage space necessary to stow away all your kitchen essentials. Otherwise, integrating storage space into your units, such as wine racks or slots for chopping boards, will help keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Smart Technology

Sophisticated appliances and technology are making their way more steadily into our kitchens. From motion-detecting taps, to fridges that can tell us when food is running low, and even to smart lighting that can be controlled from our phones.

Two-Tone Design

One of the biggest trends set to skyrocket into 2021 is the use of two-tone design. Combining two different colours in contrasting shades will add an interesting twist to your aesthetic and give you the freedom to explore with your design.

Industrial Style

The use of raw materials and metallics, rich in tones and texture, are sure to increase in popularity. Simple and not excessively overloaded with décor, the industrial style is typified by mixing rough woods, metals and brick-like textures.

Large Islands

Another result of being forced to work from home has meant the necessity for room, not just limited to eating and food preparation. Extending islands with dinner tables and maximising your overall counter space will more than accommodate for the extra needs of work, study and family time.


Recently we’ve seen a lot of commitment from big brands and companies to strive to be ‘greener’ and adopt more environmentally friendly measures. These trends will undoubtedly seep into our kitchens and hopefully become more routine. Things like energy efficient LED lights and smart meters will help reduce energy consumption and costs, and making the switch to homemade cleaning products will reduce waste and keep hazardous chemicals out of your kitchen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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