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Planning the Best Lighting for your Kitchen

Are you after some beautiful new kitchen lighting ideas? Though the primary function of the kitchen will always be for cooking, it increasingly serves as one of the main spaces in the home for entertaining guests. Therefore it’s important to factor in a good balance of functional task-focussed lighting and cosy ambient accent lighting.
What can often be one of the last things to be considered when planning a new kitchen, in order for the room to look and function well, it must be properly lit. Leaving it all to the last minute could leave you with very limited possibilities.
There are two primary elements to good effective kitchen lighting: bright, shadow-free task lights for safe cooking and prep, and atmospheric lights that create ambience, mood, and make the room more of a cosy living space. Areas such as the kitchen sink, hob and food preparation zones will require bright task lighting as you will need to be able to see what you’re doing with ease. Whereas if you’re entertaining or relaxing with a glass of wine you’ll want to sit in softer lighting to really heighten the cosy vibes.
LEDs make the perfect alternative to standard bulbs as they’re extremely energy efficient, smaller and easier to conceal than fluorescent lights, and they won’t flicker or take any time to reach full brightness when switched on. Making the switch to LED could drastically reduce your energy bills and minimise any need for regular maintenance.
Add to your planned fittings by attaching some light strips underneath or on top of cabinets to add some depth, or string up some fairy lights for an extra warm sparkle. Why not also consider going premium with some Philips Hue bulbs? Control your kitchen light setup from your phone; manage brightness, cycle through all the colours of the spectrum and create routines timed to compliment your own home habits.
Make your kitchen stunning and multifunctional by ensuring your new fixtures and fittings have the utmost consideration. Chat to our team today to get started.

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