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Must Have Kitchen Appliances – An Essential Guide

You’ve just had a brand new kitchen designed and fitted, and you’re in the market for some new
goodies. Or perhaps you just fancy a new year refresh of all your old appliances and gadgets?
Maybe you’ve even vowed to spend more time in your new kitchen and expand your culinary
horizons, but not quite sure what you should have or even need?
You may have seen our Must-Have Kitchen Utensil Essentials Guide already, well fear not as
we’ve compiled a handy list of the must-have kitchen appliances to help inspire and compliment
your new utensils and cookware. Remember, many of these products come in all sorts of
designs and colours so make sure you choose ones that will compliment and accentuate your
kitchen décor! Maybe even break the rules and rebel with some quirky statement pieces?
Bear in mind that kettles, toasters and microwaves are so beyond essential that they are not
included on this list. I shudder to think of any kitchen that doesn’t include these basic
Ready to start? Here’s what you’ll need:

Stick Blender

Otherwise known as an Immersion Blender, these are a good starting point for chopping and
blending food in the container it’s in. Easy to use for smaller scale dishes, and compact so it
doesn’t require a lot of room to store.


A blender is a great way to make sauces, juices, smoothies and soups. Generally less powerful
and with blades that are less sharp than a food processor, blenders are better used for liquifying
and creating smooth purées.

Food Processor

Need to chop lots of vegetables quickly and easily? Using a food processor will eliminate mess
and the risk of cutting yourself with knives, whilst also letting you have control over how coarse
or fine you want the end result.

Slow Cooker

Whether you’re really busy or just a bit lazy, these versatile crock pots allow you to throw all
your ingredients in and leave it to cook or warm for several hours. Make everything from chicken
wings to chilli with confidence and ease.

Pressure Cooker

What was once a scary concept is now an easy reality now that digital pressure cookers are
sweeping the market. Cook long arduous dishes like beans and risotto in less than half the time
required when using the hob.

Rice Cooker

A very popular tool for creating a perfect batch of rice every time, leaving you to concentrate on
preparing the rest of your meal.
Note:​ It may be worth getting all-in-one combos of these cookers so that you can get all the
benefits that each one has to offer whilst also saving precious counter space.

George Foreman Grill

This revolutionary indoor grill allows you to cook a variety of meats and vegetables, letting the
excess fat drip away making a much healthier meal. It also makes a really handy panini press.

Air Fryer

Are air fryers really that essential? Well if you want to bake, grill, fry or roast your meals up to
30% faster and with a fraction of the oil you’d normally use in a regular fryer or pan, then I’d
suggest that they were rather indispensable.

Food Mixer

If you’re a regular baker then you know how laborious it can be to whisk cake batter or stir bread
dough. A good mixer will make it much simpler to mix together all the necessary wet and dry
ingredients to a perfect consistency, and save your arm muscles any unnecessary ache at the
same time!
Now you know what you need to stock a fully functional and efficient kitchen, don’t be afraid to
explore beyond and get inventive with your cooking and baking habits. Make the best use out of
your culinary sanctuary and make it the best room in the house.

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