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Maintaining Mindfulness and Wellbeing In Your Kitchen

It’s more important than ever to ensure that not only are our bodies as healthy as they can be, but also that our mental health is strong and resilient. Seeing as we spend a large amount of our time at home, we need to make sure that every room in the house promotes wellbeing and good healthy living.

As the bustling hub of the home, the kitchen can often feel like a cold stressful environment, more heavily focussed on tasks and functionality. While other rooms in the house may lend themselves a little more easily to personalising and making cosy, the kitchen can also become a warm inviting space and the heart of family life.
Cultivating healthy lifestyle habits is key to encouraging wellbeing and a stress-free environment. The following steps will help to change up some stale routines and ways of living in order to maximise your kitchen’s potential.

Natural Light

It’s surely no surprise that sunlight promotes happiness, if you are constantly surrounded by gloomy darkness it will have adverse effects on your mood and in turn your mental health. Flooding your home with natural daylight will instantly uplift you and help you feel more alert. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, make sure to consider the size of your windows and their placement to ensure the room receives as much light as possible throughout the day. If it’s not possible, then strategic placement of lamps and ceiling lights will help to illuminate an otherwise dark depressing environment.

Separate Zones

By creating specialised zones in your kitchen, it allows for separate areas for tasks and for socialising. Designate certain countertops for food prep and for serving to minimise any stress from bumping into people or getting in anyone’s way.
Having an area for social interaction away from bright harsh lighting and around more cosy ambience allows for relaxation as you eat your meals. Entertaining family and friends is the best way to be present in the moment and be mindful, so by gathering around your kitchen island or dinner table you can feed your body and soul.
Also consider introducing a space to practice wellbeing habits, like a comfortable nook for a chair or bean bag to curl up with a hot drink and a book, or an area to roll out a yoga mat and indulge in some meditation.


Adding houseplants not only provides some natural décor to your kitchen, but they will also purify the air and add cheer and brightness to the room. Succulents are an easy plant to care for, you can start by placing them in funky pots to add some decorative ornamentation, and the simple act of watering them will provide a moment of calm fulfillment – a perfect opportunity to practice some mindfulness.

Clean & De-clutter

Keeping your kitchen clean and clutter-free is a sure-fire way to promote healthy living. Good organisation is key, so finding the best way to store away what you don’t use as much and keep handy your culinary essentials will help in a smooth efficient running routine. Having the correct place for all your utensils, plates and appliances will ensure tidiness and functionality, allowing you to remain calm and present in your day-to-day tasks.

Avoid Distractions

If your kitchen is full of noise and distractions, it can be hard to focus on what you’re doing. Limit mobile phone use and keep the TV switched off to encourage conversation during mealtime and focus whilst cooking. The main purpose of mindfulness is to be more present in everyday moments, allowing you to improve your awareness of everything and everyone around you. By eliminating distractions you can allow yourself to indulge in all the flavours of the meal you worked hard to prepare, and engage with your loved ones.

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