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Kitchen Layouts: U Shaped Kitchen

Getting your kitchen design right is essential to creating a functional and practical space that’s safe and comfortable for all the family. The size of the room will determine the best layout for your kitchen space, alongside any additional priorities you may have in terms of family size, appliance needs, and how high and wide you’ll want your cabinets.

What is a U shaped kitchen?

A U shaped kitchen consists of three adjoining worktops, typically across three walls.
This layout can prove to be extremely practical, having the hob at the centre with the sink and fridge at either edge of the U will create the perfect uninterrupted working triangle. It will also provide you with plenty of workspace and areas along your units to position and integrate the bigger appliances. Remember to be savvy in regards to the corners as this often results in loss of valuable storage space, so fitting clever internal shelving or using it as a fantastic spot for a walk-in larder will make the most of what can normally be a missed opportunity.
It can often feel very enclosed if all three sides feature upper cabinets and tall units, so breaking it up with open shelving on one wall, focal tiling and a hob hood on the other will help open up the area and make it feel less claustrophobic.
Typically featured in larger kitchens, the space allows for a lot of flexibility, so if you’re planning on adopting this layout for a smaller space then be sure you have enough countertop room for easy food prep and cooking. Adding a dining table, breakfast bar or kitchen island will create a cosy space for cooking and entertaining.
If you’re still not sure which layout is the best for your kitchen, get in touch with our team today.

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