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Kitchen Layouts: Peninsula Kitchen

Getting your kitchen design right is essential to creating a functional and practical space that’s safe and comfortable for all the family. The size of the room will determine the best layout for your kitchen space, alongside any additional priorities you may have in terms of family size, appliance needs, and how high and wide you’ll want your cabinets.
What is a peninsula kitchen?
The peninsular, similar to the island kitchen, where instead of standing free in the middle of the room, the extra worktop is attached to the wall or existing cabinetry at one end. This makes the peninsula accessible from three sides (as opposed to the four you’d get with an island) as it protrudes out from the rest of the surfaces to create an almost enclosed working space.
Essentially it’s maximising the counter top space and providing you with plenty of opportunity for storage and food preparation. At the same time it offers a great environment for social interaction while cooking, and a fantastically cosy space to eat and entertain guests. With all that counter and unit space, it means you can creatively and effectively plan and design the perfect mixture of cabinets and open shelving to help create a functional and visually stunning kitchen. Don’t forget to make the best use of the corner space as possible by incorporating smart shelving or tucking away the non-essential items and appliances.
The broad space this layout offers means that there can be more than one cook in the kitchen, with the surrounding areas safely accessible to others. Though you don’t necessarily need to have as large a kitchen as you would to include a standalone island, people with smaller spaces can enjoy this design and benefit from the spacious opportunities and personality it brings.
If you’re still not sure which layout is the best for your kitchen, get in touch with our team today.

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