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Kitchen Layouts: One Wall Kitchen

Getting your kitchen design right is essential to creating a functional and practical space that’s safe and comfortable for all the family. The size of the room will determine the best layout for your kitchen space, alongside any additional priorities you may have in terms of family size, appliance needs, and how high and wide you’ll want your cabinets.

What is a one wall kitchen?

A one wall kitchen setup is a consolidation of all your culinary needs spread across one singular wall. For those lacking space it forces them to get creative and make the most out of their limited resources.
You can pack a lot into a small area if you’re smart and savvy with your planning. Making the most of the vertical space will be ideal so opting for tall cabinets will provide some much needed extra space, or using the area on top for the lesser used objects will help maximise your storage potential. Alternatively, putting open shelves over base cabinets will give plenty of storage space whilst creating a clean aesthetic.
With fewer units this kitchen layout should cost less than others, and depending on how well it’s designed, they can also make for an efficient workflow as the work zone will be much smaller so everything will be within reach. Generally designed so that only one person can cook at a time, this layout makes for a safe kitchen area while still being accessible to others.
When planning this type of kitchen layout, consider integrating your appliances and going compact to make the space seem less cluttered and as not to disrupt the design flow. Also as it tends not to eat too much into the floorplan, placing a dining table opposite your cooking zone allows for the opportunity to create a more relaxed and social environment.
If you’re still not sure which layout is the best for your kitchen, get in touch with our team today.

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