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Kitchen Layouts: L Shaped Kitchens

Getting your kitchen design right is essential to creating a functional and practical space that’s safe and comfortable for all the family. The size of the room will determine the best layout for your kitchen space, alongside any additional priorities you may have in terms of family size, appliance needs, and how high and wide you’ll want your cabinets.

What is a L shaped kitchen?

The L shaped kitchen essentially comprises of two runs of cabinets at right angles to each other, along adjacent walls.
The open plan design of the L shaped kitchen offers great flexibility with the placement of appliances and work zones, allowing you to tailor each surface and zone to precision. Having the surfaces too spread out can be more tricky to work with, so planning the most efficient working triangle (hob, sink, fridge positions) is essential. Ever growing in popularity due to the extra room they allow, the trend of loft-style living turns away from separate dining areas and more towards social open plan layouts.
The trickiest hurdle that comes with this design layout is the corner where the two runs meet, which requires some clever cabinetry ideas to best make the use of the space. If it allows, a walk-in pantry cupboard would not only make the most of the valuable space that can usually get lost in a corner, but the kitchen would also gain a huge asset for storage.
A good way to capitalise on that extra floor space is to add a dining table, creating a cosy interactive family atmosphere. Though traditionally the cabinets of a L shaped kitchen would run along two walls, why not consider having them against just one wall with the other unit cutting into the floor space to create a separate enclosed kitchen area?
If you’re still not sure which layout is the best for your kitchen, get in touch with our team today.

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