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How To Keep Your Chopping Boards Clean and Safe

The average kitchen chopping board has 200% more bacteria than a toilet seat, according to the NHS. So how can we make sure that these germ magnets stay clean, fresh and in tip-top condition?
Make sure to spray a good disinfectant on boards that have had raw meat on them.
It’s recommended that different boards be used when preparing raw and fresh ready-to-eat foods, never mix the two on the same one without thoroughly cleaning in between. Try using different colour coded boards or multiple sizes to differentiate the kinds of food being prepared on each.
When cleaning, make sure they’re scrubbed in hot running water, or sterilise with freshly boiled water.
Remove stains the eco-friendly was by sprinkling coarse salt and rubbing a lemon (or lemon juice) across the chopping board. Scrub, allow to sit briefly then rinse off.
Do not dry them with tea towels as this can cause cross-contamination, use kitchen roll instead.
Never put wooden boards in the dishwasher or leave soaking in water as they’ll crack and warp. If your chopping boards are dishwasher safe, make sure they go on a 65⁰ cycle to effectively remove the harmful bacteria.

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