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How Clean Is Your Kitchen?

Is your kitchen as clean as it could be? Is it a constant struggle to keep on top of the spills and smells and piling dishes? Consider these tips to help streamline your cleaning habits and keep your kitchen sparkling and functional for longer.
Worktop arrangement. Are your countertops too cluttered with appliances and cooking equipment? Finding the right balance of what to store away and what to put out on display can be tricky, so make sure you have your regular essentials out, ready and looking good. It’s much less of a hassle to clean the surfaces without having to pick things up and get behind a bunch of obstacles.
Wipe down after every meal prep to ensure no crumbs or stains are left behind, and a regular bit of maintenance and upkeep will ease the burden of those big deep cleans minimising the risk of pests like ants.
Ventilation. Having good working ventilation plays a big part in removing the grease and excess moisture from the atmosphere. Without an adequate extractor can leave sticky residue around your hob area that gets harder to clean over time.
De-clutter. Throw out stuff that doesn’t need to be there! Good structure and organisation go a long way to creating an easy efficient clean kitchen.
Bin placement. Strategic bin placement is key to reducing any unwanted spills and messes. Consider having one built in to a unit to avoid having to hoover or mop around a freestanding bin.
These simple hints will no doubt help save time and effort and create a solid effective cleaning routine to help guarantee your kitchen stays healthy and robust for years to come.
Pro tip: an occasional use of drain unblocker and plug sanitising salts help kill germs and eliminate bad odours!

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