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Cool Cabinet Styles For Your New Kitchen

Are you wondering what style of cabinet will look best in your new kitchen, but don’t know where to start? If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve gathered the most popular styles together to help you narrow down your favourites.

Shaker KitchenShaker

Shaker is a traditional style known for its simple design, high quality craftsmanship and minimalist structure. The cabinets are flat with a recessed centre panel and simple handles, leaving a clean and adaptable look, without any intricate ornamentation. Dating back to the 18th Century, this style has evolved over time but remained highly popular thanks to its timeless classic look and versatility.

glass front kitchen cabinetsGlass Front

Designed to mix and match with solid cabinet doors, usually upper cabinets, the addition of glass will provide a pretty and practical focal point for your kitchen. Show off your good china, your favourite cookbooks, or just so you can see where all your bowls and mugs are. You can even illuminate them for added ambience.

ultra contemporary kitchen cabinetsUltra Contemporary

Modern trends and tastes tend to favour the clean unfussy style, predominantly featuring smooth panelling and handle-less designs. The absence of ornamentation creates an immaculately simple and sleek look.

slab flat panel kitchen cabinetsSlab/Flat Panel

Continuing with the favoured contemporary design, slab panel kitchens feature solid cabinets with no panels or framing, that give a truly minimal and effortless look. Easy to clean and low maintenance, they provide an excellent showcase for whatever hardware (such as handles or drawer pulls) you choose adding simplicity or embellishment.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

If modern kitchen design isn’t quite to your taste, traditional styles typically feature more detail and boast a much more classic feel. Generally crafted in a range of wooden hues, often with raised panels and beadboard details, this style lends itself a bit more to a cosy rustic atmosphere.

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