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Common Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

Designing a brand new kitchen can be a massive undertaking, and although you may be focussed on making it look fresh and stylish, you also need to ensure that your kitchen remains functional and easy to use. It’s always important to ensure that every detail is planned carefully before starting, and that all consideration has been put into it.
Here are just some of the most overlooked mistakes that can be made whilst re-doing a kitchen:

Forgetting Counter Space

Making the most of every inch of counter space is a must. A very common mistake in designing a new kitchen is not including enough counter space to work with, so make sure to think about areas for food preparation, displaying your appliances and utensils, and even whether you need space to eat or socialise. On a typical day in the kitchen do you tend to run out of worktop space? Are you wanting to integrate an area for sitting into your units?

Underestimating Storage

It’s important to make sure that everything in your kitchen has its own place, so if storage space isn’t considered it will leave you with cluttered countertops and full untidy cupboards. Deciding on which of your appliances, utensils and cookware can be displayed and stored will surely ease the pressure when trying to get your kitchen organised. Incorporating smart storage ideas like pull-out corner units or integrating racks into the units will help to utilise the space as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Neglecting Ventilation

Having good ventilation is key to keeping your kitchen clean. Make sure to invest in a good product that doesn’t just recirculate the air and use up too much energy, but gives you proper air ventilation to capture any impurities and stop any smells from lingering and travelling around your home.

Waste Management

It may seem obvious to some, but bins do often get overlooked. Allocating space at the planning stage will avoid a scattering of freestanding bins for general waste, food and recycling by allowing them to be consolidated or integrated into cabinets and units.

Unconsidered Lighting

It can be easy to forget that with a multifunctional room like the kitchen, it will need a mixture of lighting elements. Food preparation and cooking require bright task lighting, achievable through spotlights on the ceiling or hidden under cabinets. You’ll also want softer ambient lighting for eating, entertaining or just chilling in your kitchen, for this you could consider dimmable lighting, strips to install under the cabinets, or pendants.

Doing It All Yourself

There is a temptation to cut corners, and assume thereby costs, and get stuck into some DIY remodeling, but looking at the bigger picture, a smart investment at the beginning of a new project can prove to be more cost-effective than an amateur attempt at a complex task. There is a high level of expertise involved in executing any major home project so it’s imperative that you seek the help of registered tradespeople who have experience with wiring, plumbing and ventilation systems.

Power Shortage

It sounds obvious but making sure you have the correct amount of power plugs in the right places will ensure that all your appliances, large and small, can be used without the need for extension cables.

Going Over Budget

Going over your budget is one of the most common mistakes in home renovation, as it’s too easy for things to get added on as the project gets under way. It’s important to have a set figure with an inventory list to ensure that it accounts for all furniture and contents. Don’t spend money on impractical and unnecessary items that may wear easily or need replacing.

Designs That Date

It may be tempting to buy into the latest trends, but remember that kitchens are not cheap to replace so make sure to avoid any designs that are likely to age and go out of style in only a few years. Paint, wallpaper and accessories are easily altered, but things like brightly coloured gloss cabinet doors that you can’t paint may not look quite so good down the line if you get tired of them. There are many classic and timeless kitchen designs to choose from that you can add your own sense of style and flair to without the danger of expensive replacements later on.

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