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3 Tips To De Clutter Kitchen Cupboards

Are your kitchen cupboards filling up faster after every shop? Struggling to organise your tins from your towels and your mugs from your eggs? Don’t know where to put your brand-new pans, or where to store all your Tupperware with the mis-matched lids? Look no further than the following ways to de-clutter your cupboards and make the most of the space in your kitchen!

Storage Jars & Tins

Putting your food on display is very ‘in’ right now. There are many different styles and shapes of air-tight containers and jars that you can store and arrange all different kinds of food in.
Get a few jars for the good old regulars like rice, pasta and spaghetti. Empty out your Corn Flakes and other cereals into nice looking ready-to-pour canisters and store them near the bowls! If there’s something you use regularly like porridge oats, flour, sugar or even dried fruits and nuts – get them out on show.
Storage Jars

Wall Mounted Racks & Hooks

Got some dead wall space? Put up a quirky looking spice rack or some floating shelves. Display some fancy teas, all your essential cooking spices and herbs, and decorate with some ornaments or small plants for a nice flourish.


Shelving Units

Still need more space? Extend your storage capabilities by introducing an additional unit to house those extra bowls, cookbooks and tea towels. Keep it fun, functional and complimentary to your colour scheme and your crowded cupboard woes are gone!

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